Red Cross ERU

Red Cross ERU 3.5

SITUATION REPORT: There has been a mayor flood in Mexico

Red Cross ERU will make you feel like an apprentice and train you in the apprentice skill program to help people in different situations with the objective to prevent human suffering. This great simulation will train you in survival and helping skills. Once you learn certain things you will decide by your own and learn to play and complete the tasks. Moving ambulances and medical equipment in different difficulty levels provides different transportation needs to solve in the best way the medical attention required. Send supplies, send air support, medical support, with different transportation like helicopters, airplanes and air supply for food or medical needs. Enjoy this great game and simulation and learn how The great Red Cross Organization game really helps social medical needs. Playing this game is very easy, follow your instincts to solve each challenge. This game is a great way to learn about Red Cross activities. Red Cross helps to understand how everyone can learn about basic training.

Birgilio Rivera
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